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Welcome to Client Book

Smarter Way of Business Promotion...

Client Book is the Quick, Easiest way to send E-Greetings , SMS and Voice Call online to Family members, Friends, customer and Employees. You could even set one up for later. Its so simple to use, just Register once and you can be up and running in seconds.

You can send personalized greetings with this site for all kinds of special occasions such as wedding anniversary, wishes for Exams, Wedding, Births, New Launch, Event and many moreā€¦. with different e-greeting design. Its easy to show to special person just how much you care !

Help You to Delight your Clients and Employees...


Why should I use The Client Book...?

Client Book is conceived with the idea of creating an online greetings and send SMS that provide a truly outstanding user experience.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our users to contact their beloved ones around the world with e-greetings, SMS and/or voice call to celebrate a wide range of special days.

Sending e-Greetings, SMS and voice call from The Client Book site is incredibly convenient for both you and the recipients of your greetings.

It is also very less expensive and less time consuming for you to send a e-greeting and/or SMS OR reach to thousands of people through a call from our site compared to the paper-based equivalent once you have factored in the cost of a card (or cards) and postage.

All of our e-greetings can be customized by you and sent anywhere in the world in an instant!

Can Reach to thousands of people in a moment.

Promote your New Product / Brand in less time and at no cost.

Send a e-greeting / SMS any time you want! You could set up a e-greeting to be delivered on the same day if you liked, but better still, you can even set them up months or years in advance of the event you want to celebrate and the rest will be taken care of for you.

You can set Alert of the same so that you can personally wish too for some of special from all.

Get online feed back from your Clients with short codes.


Our Services are used by many organizations and companies. We are sure we can provide a service that the user wants.


Short Message Services (SMS) is the well-known buzz in the communication field. It has helped in every possible form to make communication faster & more reliable than ever. It has entered into every field of business.


In India more people can be reached by SMS with e-mail communication. SMS is a simple, economical, and fastest way to communicate with mobile contacts.


Voice Messaging service is excellent for promoting as well as in communicating with the customers and conveying a brand message or to develop strong brand awareness among the mass.


A timely, personalized message can help you build relationships with people that matter to your business customers and staff. Customer no-shows adversely affect business revenue. Studies suggest that, SMS,email appointment reminders can reduce no-shows by up to 80%.


We provide internet solutions in form of of website designing & development services. We provide professional website designing & development solutions so as to take your business from offline to online. It helps you to increase your visibility as you can reach any person sitting at any part of the world.


We provide domain name registration & hosting solutions along with the domain names at best prices with no commitments & no add-ons which are bound to be purchased.

Client Book Upcoming Features

We are working towards a number of exciting additions to the functionality offered on The Client Book including:

Greetings down-loadable.

Celebrity Birthday Greetings.

Ready Listings of important Historical Events.

and much, much more...

Concept and Structure

We realized that the Web provided a range of amazing technologies that we could offer to our users to improve their experience of using an online greetings system, including:

Text Message (SMS) notification for forthcoming events.

E-Greeting notifications of forthcoming events.

Create personalized greetings with a number of feature.

Have alert of Important event days of your closed one on your mobile on particular time.

Users being able to set up personalized "Friends List" and "Business Group" of their recipients.

Repeat messages at user-chosen intervals.


Client Book PLANS

Please tell your friends about Client Book. Thank you for supporting us.


  • 10,000 FREE SMS
  • 1 Sender ID
  • Unlimited e-Greetings
  • 1 Sender Name
  • 0 Users
  • 4 Groups
  • 20,000 Contacts
  • 3-Months Support
  • Min Renewal 5,000 SMS


  • 15,000 FREE SMS
  • 2 Sender ID
  • Unlimited e-Greetings
  • 3 Sender Name
  • 3 Users
  • 6 Groups
  • 30,000 Contacts
  • 6-Months Support
  • Min Renewal 10,000 SMS


  • 20,000 FREE SMS
  • 3 Sender ID
  • Unlimited e-Greetings
  • 5 Sender Name
  • 5 Users
  • 10 Groups
  • 50,000 Contacts
  • 12-Months Support
  • Min Renewal 10,000 SMS


  • 25,000 FREE SMS
  • 5 Sender ID
  • Unlimited e-Greetings
  • Unlimited Sender Name
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Life-Time Support
  • Min Renewal: NA

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